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Owner and operator Nathan Hillis found himself on a construction crew for the first time when he was a teenager. Raised by a single parent, Nathan wanted to help his mother and family out by finding some kind of work. Fortunately, he was guided by a kind counselor in school who set up a work experience opportunity for Nathan. On the annual “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” a future unfolded for a kid who was struggling in life. On that fateful day, Nathan worked all day long. He found that he loved the hard work and camaraderie that came with working alongside the other guys, and he especially liked all of the big equipment. At the end of the day, he was handed a $50 check. That pretty much sealed his fate and paved the road for his life-long interest in construction.

As it turned out, Nathan ended up working on that construction crew for four years. After spending time gaining experience, he decided to start his own construction company, which he ran successfully for many years. It went through a couple of name changes before ending up as Hillis Construction and Septic, LLC. During the recession, Nathan joined forces with his brother’s construction company in order to keep working throughout those hard times.

While partnering with his brother for several years, he did a lot of underground pipe work, which led to his interest in installing and servicing septic systems. He soon discovered that building quality septic systems is a skill that he happened to be very good at. With the economy getting better, Nathan eventually parted with his brother and went back to running his own business, adding septic services to his skillset.

Aside from the quality construction services normally offered, Hillis Construction and Septic, LLC now offers septic services that include pumping out your septic on a regular basis, building and maintaining your septic system, and keeping your septic systems free of debris by cleaning and unclogging using hydro-jetting techniques. Septic systems are one of those things in life that you always want to run well, but on some occasions, they don’t. When that happens, you want someone available to provide 24/7 emergency services. Hillis Construction & Septic, LLC does and is there for all of your other construction and septic system needs as well. Make sure your job is done right by giving us a call today!

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